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With You I Will Always Be

12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

John 8:12


Many of us go through this life experiencing one change after another.  Changes in jobs, relationships, etc.  Some of us see very few changes it seems.  We stay in the same job, the same relationship, for what seems like forever.

But whether the changes are many or few, they are still a change when they come.  One day, everything is different, and there is both excitement and fear.

One thing never changes; God with us.  Regardless of the changes we go through, God never changes.  And, on top of that, He is always with us.


It finally comes one day; when nothing is the same.

The rules haven’t changed but you’re playing a new game.

The slate is wiped clean and you have a new start.

Both excitement and fear are pulling at your heart.


You’ve made your decision; you’ve made your choice.

But still you can hear that small, questioning voice.

Is this thing correct?  Am I going the right way?

Will I regret where I am when I wake the next day?


But then there’s another voice you begin to hear.

It sounds as if someone is standing very near.

“I am with you always and I’ve opened this door.

There’re things I have for you which lie in store.


If only you will trust in Me and take My hand.

When the journey gets rough I will help you stand.

In your weaknesses, it is I who will make you strong.

When trials come, I will show you right from wrong.


When things seem to go dark I will be your light.

When the enemy tries to blind you I will be your sight.

 Regardless of your journey, an unchanging fact you’ll see,

That you are not alone; with you I will always be.”


© 2013 Charles A. Kalkomey

June 20, 2013

Is Prayer a Foreign Language to You?

16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

James 5:16


My wife and I just returned from a mission trip to Nicaragua.  We teamed up with David and Pam Copeland for five days of ministry and teaching.  All of us appreciated your prayers and support.

Where we went, not too many people spoke English.  Since we were in a foreign country, the people spoke a foreign language.  Without our translators, we would have had difficulty getting the message delivered.

I guess I could learn to speak and understand Spanish.  And after all, with 5 years of Spanish in Junior High and High School, I probably should remember more than I do.  But then again, why should I?

I really don’t understand the language.  And it sure seems to me that the people speak so fast that I can’t possibly catch every word, even if I could understand what they are saying.

On top of that, I don’t really need to know Spanish.  There are people there that can translate for me.  And, I know a few words to be able to get by on the essentials – “agua, gracias, dinero, bano, mi nombre es Carlos.”  I can get by on my own.

And if I really wanted to lean Spanish, I would have to really focus on it and spend some time; time I really don’t have.  So it will just have to stay a foreign language to me; I can get by on my own.

I sometimes wonder if we don’t treat prayer the same way – as a foreign language.  We don’t understand or comprehend it; we don’t comprehend and understand what God is trying to tell us.  It seems like most of the time, God never answers our prayers anyway.  Besides, God is sovereign.  He knows everything anyway; He knows what we need.  So why bother to pray?

Sometimes we think we don’t need God in our lives.  After all, look what “we” have done.  What do we need prayer for?  We think we can get by on our own.

And to be able to pray effectively, we need to study God’s Word and His commandments; we need to understand His love for each of us, and to do that we have to take time to focus on Him.  We are too busy to find the time to really focus on God.

Don’t treat prayer as a “foreign” language.  You must understand through faith what God’s Will for your life is, and then direct your prayers towards His Will.  You must spend time with God, and focus on what He wants from you and for you.  If you do that, prayer will come naturally to you; you will look forward to spending time talking with God.  It won’t be a “foreign language.”

 ~Charles A. Kalkomey