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There’s A Stream That Flows

4 There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.

~Psalm 46:4

 There are many different streams in our lives.  They can represent different people that cross our paths.  But even though those streams are different, they are fed by the same river.  God finds a way to keep those streams in our lives, even when we continue to run away from Him.  From our birth to our last breath, there is a stream of “life” that calls us to “get wet” with God’s promises, His love, and His blessings.  God wants you a part of the “streams.”


There’s a stream that flows out by my home.

It can bring me back when I start to roam.

For it’s this stream where my life began,

And it’s this stream from which I ran.

There’s a stream that flows down the street,

Where the hot pavement and my feet meet.

The pleasures of this world are what I sought.

There’s nothing in the stream I wanted, I thought.

There’s a stream that flows in the dark of night.

I can still hear it even when it’s out of sight.

But I’m not ready to get in; get myself wet,

There’re too many things I haven’t done yet.

I can still hear the stream as I lie in this bed.

They say this pillow’s not long for my head.

They ask if I’ve ever bathed in that stream.

No – it’s never been a part of any dream.

Then suddenly I see all the streams in my life.

They crossed the rocky paths of pain and strife.

And as I looked up, I saw the mountain top

That’s where the streams all seemed to stop.

The streams flowed down from a river so great,

A river that beckoned me home even this late.

All those different streams that flowed by me,

They were all from a God I finally could see.


© 2014 Charles A. Kalkomey

March 28, 2014

Teach Your Children Well

9  Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. And teach them to your children and your grandchildren,

Deuteronomy 4:9

Our 2-year old grandson, Cameron, stayed with us Friday and Saturday.  It is times like this that will remind you how much energy a 2-year old has, and how little energy you have.

It is also amazing how much a 2-year old will pick up.  Young children are a “sponge.”  They  soak up everything you say and do.  Unfortunately that works for bad things as well as good things.  At a young age, a child can be easily influenced in what they say and do.

At dinner Friday night, he kept saying what sounded like “Baa-Baa-Baa” over and over again.  It was a simple task to turn that into “Baa-Baa-Baa, Baa-Barbara Ann.”  Suddenly, and simply, I was able to introduce The Beach Boys into his life.

Cameron loves to “read” books.  My wife bought one for him entitled “A Bedtime Prayer.”  It became another opportunity to teach him more about God and prayer.  He puts his hands together and bows his head.  I know, it’s just something that he thinks is cute and he doesn’t understand what he is doing, but it is sowing seeds at an early age.

It’s important to teach children about God at an early age.  They are eager to learn anything that they are exposed to.  Young children may not be too excited to eat broccoli, but they will listen to, and become involved in, a good story.  And what better story to tell them about than God’s love for them; about how God made the birds, the animals, the trees, and everything else; about God’s Son and how much He loved the little children.  We have music CDs of children’s songs that tell about God’s love.  After playing the music a few times, it is fun to watch Cash, our 4-year old grandson, march around like he is in God’s Army, listen to Sloane, our 7-year old granddaughter, sing about Father Abraham, and watching both of them clap their hands if they’re happy.

Those trips to Grandma’s house are meant to be fun.  So are visits to the zoo, a ride through the countryside, or just watching Bubble Guppies.  But we need to be sure we make learning about God a part of those visits.  There is so much for children to learn in this world.  But there is nothing as simple as God’s love. 

You never know how much impact what you say and do will have on a child.  Cameron may not really remember much about the Beach Boys, but he remembers what to do when it is time to pray.  And that’s a great start for a 2-year old.

© 2014 Charles A. Kalkomey

March 15, 2014