5 strategies for SAFELY composing on Photographs & Snapshots and THE REST!

5 strategies for SAFELY composing on Photographs & Snapshots and THE REST!

5 methods for SAFELY composing on Photographs & Snapshots

By using a few easy “rules” (don’t usage ink that is regular / don’t write in the exact middle of your photographs / etc.), and knowing exactly what the most effective types of pencils & markers are for YOUR specific requirements (regular #2 pencils / Stabilio-All Pencils / etc.), you’ll be entirely ready for PROPERLY writing on photographs, snapshots, and all kinds types of archival sleeves & enclosures!

Writing on Photographs

Suggestion #1: First, W cap to not DO

It’s a JUNGLE on the market!
Old photos & snapshots curently have sufficient to cope with when it comes to long-term success (being saved in shoeboxes in attics
or basements, basic neglect, etc.), so DON’T threaten them further by composing to them using the INCORRECT pens & markers!
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Documenting your private photographs & snapshots is an step that is important preserving your family’s history. Once you’ve sorted using your image archive, you might want to label several of important information to your photographs such as for example names, times, places and such to help keep tabs on your cherished memories.

You can’t, however, utilize simply any pen that is old marker in your photographs (see pix above), as utilizing the “wrong” kind of pen or marker can really HARM your photographs & snapshots!

Yeah, Avoid using a pen! The inks can smear, and so they usually have non-archival natural natural oils and solvents inside them that will bleed until the front side!
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