Wedding Traditions: A Turkish-Armenian Wedding

Wedding Traditions: A Turkish-Armenian Wedding

From circling a fire to tossing chestnuts, weddings can bring together many different traditions

By: Lindsay Moran

Washington is an increasingly diverse area, and thus is its wedding scene. The amount of international diplomats, World Bank workers, and second-generation immigrants means multicultural nuptials are normal.

“It’s actually rare for me personally to prepare a marriage where in fact the wedding couple will be the religion that is same have a similar cultural history,” claims Laura Metro, president of M Street Agency in Bethesda.

Throwing a multicultural meet hot mail order latvian brides event has its challenges. Some couples host two activities, each reflective of a culture that is different. Others design a ceremony and reception that incorporate divergent traditions.

Let me reveal one few who were able to accomplish such a marriage, each in their own personal means.

A wedding that is turkish-Armenian

A wedding that is turkish-Armenian appear to be one thing out of Shakespearean tragedy, a la Romeo and Juliet. [Read more…]