Millennial Myth: This Isn’t The Hookup Generation

Millennial Myth: This Isn’t The Hookup Generation

Among a number of the stigma that is various carry may be the belief that they’re hookup generation. Millennials have exchanged in knocking on doorways with flowers at hand for the very first date for swiping until they find somebody appealing sufficient for a possible stand that is one-night.

Nevertheless, simply simply because they commonly utilize dating apps whenever looking for love does not necessarily signify intercourse may be the only thing with this generation’s brain in terms of relationships. In fact, it really is a myth that is huge millennials are simply about a hookup.

The fact is that millennials are not setting up up to many may have believed. Most aren’t also setting it up on after all.

Relating to a paper published within the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior on Tuesday, more millennials within the U.S. are abstaining from intercourse.

Led by Jean Twenge from hillcrest State University and peers Ryna Sherman and Brooke Wells, the scientists unearthed that 15 per cent of millennials ages 20 to 24 yrs old created within the 1990s into the U.S. reported not to having any intimate lovers after they switched 18 yrs . [Read more…]