Loss of Owner

Loss of Owner

Demands to Re-title/Register an automobile upon loss of Owner

Needed Papers

The after documents are necessary to offer or assign the car based on the liberties of Survivorship (please be aware “Exceptions” below):

Vehicle is jointly titled to renters because of The Entirety (partners):

  • A duplicate associated with the Death Certificate identifying the surviving spouse.

Car is jointly en titled and name states ownership to be Joint Tenants or Partners:

  • A duplicate for the Death Certificate.

Vehicle titled to dead just and ownership states Transfer on Death “TOD”:


  • A duplicate associated with the Death Certificate.
  • A letter from an officer associated with court saying that the dead died intestate, there’s absolutely no property to be probated or the property will not need to be probated, and names the person who has got the legal rights of ownership to your automobile. In the event that officer of this court is from out-of-state, additional evidence is necessary that the authority is an associate associated with Bar or even a Court certified. [Read more…]