Flying With God


But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31


I remember the training I received to learn to fly.  The basics, the rules of the air, the math, and the science came in the classroom.  I learned about weather, clouds, the influence of the wind on the airplane, radio communications, and many other things.

Then one day, it was time to go out to an airplane.  Then there were more instructions about the outside of the airplane – where the fuel went and how to check if the tanks had any, how to inspect the flaps, the ailerons, the propeller, the wheels.  Then there were more instructions about the inside of the plane – the rudder and aileron controls, the flap controls, the brakes, the throttle, the gauges.

Finally, when I was able to actually take off, the learning really began – how to maintain direction and altitude, how to make a turn and wind up where you wanted to, and the big one, how to land.

The more time I spent behind the controls, the more there was to learn – what to do in a stall, how to make an emergency landing with no power, how to pull out of a spin (without losing your stomach), and flying solo.

Getting a license for a single engine fixed wing aircraft was as far as I ever went in my flight training.  But I have flown a helicopter, and I sneak a look into the cockpit of a jet airplane every chance I get.  One thing for sure, the more advanced the aircraft, the more there is to learn.  And the more advanced the aircraft, the more places and higher levels it will take you.

Learning about God is the same way.  We can all probably relate to those early years of Sunday School classes.  We were young when we first learned about Noah, David and Goliath, and Jesus.  We got the basics.  Then, as we got a little older, we learned about Abraham, Moses, and the Disciples. 

Then one day, we get into a situation and we try to “fly solo.”  We forget the things we learned about God.  He takes us back to remember the things He taught us so we can maintain the right direction and altitude, and attitude.

The more we learn about God and experience Him in our lives, the more we learn about who God really is, and who He wants us to be.  He has the answers for what to do “in a stall,” how to make “emergency landings,” and He assures us that we are never “flying solo.”

The more we continue to study, read, and experience God, the more we learn about God.  And the more we learn about God, the more of God’s plan is revealed to us.  And with that revelation, He will take us to more places and to higher levels.  Get your “pilot’s license” and fly with God!

Charles A. Kalkomey