How’s Your “Color?”

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

Many times we look at things in our lives as either “black or white.” Sometimes, perhaps, we see some “grays” mixed in with the abruptness of those two extremes. But we like life to be “black or white” because it makes it easier to deal with decisions; to deal with each other.

When we open our eyes and look about, there is a lot of color to see. Even on those dreary, cold, rainy winter days, there is always a splash of color from a redbird, that Christmas poinsettia, or a child’s coloring book. If we will open our eyes and look around, there is plenty of color to go around.

When you only see or think in “black or white,” you lose perspective. So, how’s your “color?”

How’s your “Compassion?” When things are only “black or white” you can’t see the needs of others around you; their hurts; their worries; their joys. Your “color” needs to have some compassion.

How’s your “Openness?” When your mind is closed to new thoughts or ideas, things will always be just “black or white.” Something new can bring new life. Your “color” needs to have some openness.

How’s your “Listening?” Some people talk too much, never taking time to listen. There are times when all a person needs is someone willing to listen to them. Your “color” needs to have some listening.

How is your “Order?” Just because you want to think of things as “black or white” doesn’t mean things are in order. There’s man’s order, and then there’s God’s Order. When things are out of order, they don’t work. Your “color” needs to have order.

How is your “Righteousness?” If you claim to be a Christian, others are watching you. They are looking to see if you are “walking the walk.” Are you trying to act the way Jesus did? Your “color” needs to have righteousness.

So when you are trying to see everything as either “black or white, remember that things are not always that stark. You need to look to God’s Holy Spirit for some “COLOR” in your life. You will find that things around you will look much better.