Kenya 2016

                                                   Kenya 2016!


Across the rolling hills of shiny green and gold,

There are so many stories that can be told,

About how the hearts of all were touched,

And how each one of us was loved so much.



The things we saw, they are hard to explain,

And why part of our hearts there still remain.

Their lives are so simple but yet full of joy,

Even in the smiles of each girl and each boy

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In this rich brown dirt they somehow survive.

The crops and the animals the land does provide.

The little things we find on our packed shelves,

They don’t even know to think about for themselves


Most people walk to wherever they need to go;

To market, to school, to home and church also

A matatu, a bike, or car is available for a few,

But most just walk here to there, like the animals do

But the sun begins to set in that great western sky.

It’s now time to leave; it’s time to say goodbye.

Yet in the still of our minds we still hear the sound

Of the soft praises to God from the hills all around.


Their hunger for God draws out all we have within,

And it’s their love and their joy that refreshes us again.

For sharing of God’s love and His truth with them all,

Blesses us more than we bless them, in no way small.


We are so amazed at this simple life that they live,

But blessed by the love from their hearts they give.

If those back home could feel the hunger for God here,

Maybe they’d think more of Him than of things so dear.


Each time we come a little piece of us we leave behind.

Old friendships grow deeper, a new friend we do find.

But what never changes with each time that we are here,

Is God’s love is the same in Kenya, as it is everywhere.


© 2016 Charles A. Kalkomey

August 30, 2016