Out of the Box and Into His Presence

Out of the Box and Into His Presence is an inspirational collection of devotionals and poetry by Pastor Charles A. Kalkomey penned with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Regardless of where you are in your journey, the writings will lead you back to the plan God has for your life and remind you of the Out of the Box and Into His Presence, by Charles A. Kalkomey promises contained in God’s Word.  No one deserves God’s grace, but you will read that it is for everyone.  In the end, you will find that God’s plan, promises, and grace are all wrapped up in God’s love for you – a love that is freely given.

This easy-reading collection will stir your thoughts about who you are in God’s eyes.  Throughout the poetry you will “recognize” individuals you may know, or may have known in your family, your friends, or at work.  You may even recognize yourself.  But in the end, it’s God’s love that you can recognize when you come “out of the box” that the world has put you in and find out what God wants for you, when you learn that God wants you in His picture, or when you find out “He Didn’t Have To Do It” the way He did.

So come along “The River’s Journey” and learn to “Jump in the Puddles.”  You will find that “You Don’t Have to Stay the Way You Are Today.”  You may even discover “Your Most Important Day.”