What Are You To Do While You Are Waiting?

What are you to do while you are waiting?From the beginning of Creation, we have been waiting. Joseph was thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, and confined to a dungeon while waiting for his dreams to come true. The Israelites had to wait 40 years before they could enter the Promised Land. Waiting is something we all do. Are we waiting on God? Or is God waiting on you?

God doesn’t want you to get ahead of Him. He sometimes asks us to wait until God’s timing is right. The question we must ask ourselves is “What are we supposed to be doing while we wait?”

Charles looks to what scripture says in Acts 1 for the answer.

What are you to do while you are waiting? Charles Kalkomey, Out of the Box Ministries.


  1. Amanda Sheppard says:

    Charles I really enjoyed this word on “waiting” . For the past year I had been waiting on the inevitable . After a year of fighting cancer , my Dad was taken into glory on Friday morning and the waiting was over . It’s during the waiting God prepares us for the promise land. It’s during the waiting we learn to fully trust and believe in his promises.

  2. Cindy Schroppel says:

    Awesome site Charles! So proud of what God is doing in your life! Blessings to you & Bea!

    • Charles Kalkomey says:

      Thanks. Trying to learn how to be obedient to His call. The two of you have been a part of the journey. Blessing to you and Joe.